Hardware Requirements

CPU PentiumIII or more recommended
Memory 256MB or more recommended
Hard disk space(installation drive) 3GB or more recommended(Min 1GB or more)
Hard disk space(data storage drive) 3GB or more recommended(Min 1GB or more)
OS Windows2000SP2 or more,WindowsXP Home or Professional
Number of monitor colors/resolution 256 colors or more,1024×768 pixels or more recommended(Min 800×600 pixels or
AcrobatReader AcrobatReader shouldbe installed in order to open the online manual.getreader

(Note 1)
We strongly recommend that you have adequate space in your hard disk. Approximately 300MB is required for even installing ADMER (including sample data). Because some very large files may be temporarily created in the ADMER installed folder when creating meteorological data, installation should be made in a drive with enough space.
In addition, new calculation range creation, meteorological data creation, and calculation process require further hard disk space. Make sure that you have sufficient disk space.

(Note 2)
Some errors such as illegible characters are reported for Windows98and Me.